NDNgirls Double-Header Update! – “Return of Raina” + Shawnee/Cherokee girl Nissa!
July 30, 2012

Yall niggas is in for a real treat for this update! NDNgirls members can’t seem to get enough of Raina… the cute lil’ 19yr old “full-blooded” Navajo hottie from New Mexico! Personally I still kinda favor some of the native chicks from Canada that I’ve filmed over the years (especially Danica… damn she sucks a mean one!!) cause they give superb nut-sucking blowjobs; but you website members have spoken, and I’m hearing that you guys want me to film more “full natives” and not the “halfbreeds” so it is what it is. Yall niggas clearly have some issues but you’re entitled to your opinion… my dick clearly doesn’t discriminate and to me most natives look kinda “Cablinasian” like they related to Tiger Woods and shit. People are just people. And quite honestly I’ll film damn near any real 18+ Native chick for NDNgirls who signs the damn papers, but every now and then I will travel a distance and pay a premium for a real dimepiece like Raina.

Now I call this a double-header update because I found these 2 Sony DV tapes in my backpack while packing for my trip to the islands and realized that I hadn’t put them up on the site yet so I figured I’d better upload them before I lose them forever. On the first tape was Raina’s 2nd shoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she came over after school one day. I filmed her at the gym and then she proceeded to slick up herself in baby oil in the bathroom and put on a tease show for you website members… then she dropped to her knees and sucked me off right there in the bathroom until I popped a fat load all over her. It was an epic day from what I can remember and some great native american porn was produced. I already know you niggas are gonna be jackin off to Raina’s little oilshow for years to come…

Less than 24hrs after filming this scene with Raina, I was chillin at the house and packing for my next trip to the Carribean when my phone rang, it was this new 23yr old girl named Nissa who had recently moved from Ohio and wanted to be on the NDNgirls website. Nissa told me she was a mixed Shawnee/Cherokee native chick and I told her to come over to my place soon because I had a flight to catch the next morning and I wasn’t about to fuckup my air reservations. I typically don’t film my girls really late at night because I like for the girls (and myself!) to be energetic and not look all tired and shit… because then motherfuckers be accusing them of being “drunk and high on drugs” just like crazy Daisy from Thunder Bay, Ontario who admitted to chopping off some niggas finger on her NDNgirls video and then hollering to the Press about some bullshit of her being too fucked up to remember what she did (See news clip here) . Oh the drama this website produces… more than a fucking spanish soap opera. Anyhow back to Nissa…

Nissa came over to my crib super late in the evening. I still had jetlag from my last Southwest flight because since they are the cheapest airline they fly you all over the fucking country before getting you to your final destination just like they are the greyhound bus lines of the sky… and I was feeling a bit burnt out from filming, fucking, and flying if that makes any sense. Doorbell rings around 11pm and I open the door and Nissa is there with her husband, some old white dude who resembles Colonel Sanders from KFC… I didn’t realize this as I was filming but you can see the reflection of him on my sliding glass door because its night time and all the lights reflected off the glass… lols… anyhow they come in and fill out the standard model paperwork and whatnot. Her dude mentions to me that he will stay out of the way while I’m filming etc and I don’t have a problem with that because I’m just a crazy negro who will have sex in front of an audience without flinching… its one of the traits you develop over the years of being butt ass naked in front of and behind the camera… you just have no shame period. So I say to dude well since you’re here man you might as well hold a camera and be useful. So this was only the 2nd time that I’ve used a cameraman for NDNgirls, the first time was when Phoenix Knight came over with her boyfriend and we both tag-teamed her fine ass. Oh the memories.

Now about Nissa, she’s got a great set of hips on her and a nice slim frame. She can dance really well too, but she talks really funny. You just have to hear her to see what I mean. She couldn’t talk much with my dick in her mouth but you know what I mean. She has an accent like no other, maybe it’s an Ohio thing. Anyhow on her video you’ll notice that in the first 5 minutes or so she has some lipstick on her teeth… I film 99% of my models “as-is” but this was really bugging me so I had her fix that shit in the bathroom. After that we did a little smalltalk, she played with some bananas in the kitchen, she danced naked outside on my balcony (fortunately it was night so I don’t think any of my neighbors noticed… who knows) then she sucked my dick in the bedroom while her husband filmed. It was nice to have a hands-free blowjob without balancing and stabilizing a 10-lb camera in my hands. Nissa was a real freaky girl and wanted me to cum in her mouth. She opened wide for my triple-thick milkshake and instead of it popping in her mouth it went right up her big ass indian nose and she snorted/backfired from the cumblast. She couldn’t breathe for a few seconds, then she laughed it off. If I had to make a bloopers reel for NDNgirls this would be one of my favorite moments, right up there with the time Danica gagged and damn near threw up when I came in her mouth. You never know what’s gonna happen next on NDNgirls, enjoy… and remember new members get a FREE DVD in the mail. More girls on the way! – Shimmy